Frequently Asked Questions

check here before you email me please!


Who should I cite?

Contact me - you're not allowed to use output from this code in a publication without my prior consent.

Where can I find out more details of how this program runs?

Read the 'guide' section of this site, or email me. Frankly, if you really want to know, there's not much code - read that!

What programs does this use? And how do I cite them?

Coming soon...

It doesn't work! Help!

Oh no! Send me a bug report.

Isn't all this a bit excessive for such a simple script?

Yes. However, I wrote this script because (after a fair amount of searching) I couldn't find anything this easy to use for ecological data. Yes, I'm including ImageJ and FIJI in that list, because I found them incredibly difficult to automate! Moreover, I hope that, by making a nice shiny website and making it all easy to use, I can get feedback on what methods people would like in the program so it becomes a little more powerful.

Why haven't you used more complex machine learning techniques? You're doing little more than thresholding an image!!!

I don't think ecologists necessarily always have a good training set when they're starting an analysis (I don't), and the more complex things I tried worked just as well, or worse, than the method in this. So I've kept it simple!